Monday, May 05, 2008


I know I have not updated this blog with a post in quite a while. Well Now is the time. I have some things to get off my chest with a good old rant. I got started on this train of thought by a post this morning at Goldblooms Padded Cell...............

1. Laundry- This is a job that never ends. I don't mind doing laundry. I would just like to see an empty hamper for more than 5 minutes. At least I don't usually have to go around and pick up the clothes but I still stare in amazement at the sheer quantity! Just how many times a day do some of you people have to change your clothes?

2. Dishes- Does anyone know how to pick up a cup, glass, plate, bowl etc. and take it to the kitchen? These things will not grow legs and walk themselves to the sink. And how about rinsing out one of these things? I really get no pleasure out of having to scrub off dried on whatever out of said cups, glasses, plates, bowls and assorted silver ware. Or of having to clean up spilled soda from inside the refrigerator. If you are going to open a can of soda, drink the damn thing! Don't pour half of it into a glass and set the open can in the fridge. This is an accident just waiting to happen.

3. I am a stay at home grandma. This does NOT mean that I sit around all day with my feet up watching soap operas and eating bon bons while being waited on hand and foot by nubile handsome young men. It DOES mean that I do all the housework, laundry, shopping, yardwork, cooking, caring for the four year old grandson, errands for others and just about anything else.

4. Taking out the trash- Now this is hardly a highly technical accomplishment. Yet I am the only person who seems to understand that when the trash can in the kitchen is full that it needs to emptied. NOT crammed even fuller. Or that it is acceptable to let said trash fall over onto the floor.

5. Day off- This is a term that I have no experience with. However I have observed other members of this household doing things like sleeping all day, reading for hours, spending hours at a time playing computer games etc.. Then saying how nice it was to not have to do anything all day. PLEASE let me experience this just once!