Saturday, May 20, 2006

Moving the blog

Since many people could no longer view my blog, I have moved it.
Road Kill Cafe now lives at: Road Kill Cafe

I will no longer be posting here at blogspot, but I will leave this up for a while.
Come see me in my new digs!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


A mama bird built a nest on top of a post in the corner of our front porch. She laid her eggs and had a bumper crop of babies. They are getting big, almost crowding each other out of the nest.
I have a good view of the nest from our bedroom window. While the mama bird was fliying to and fro feeding her family, I counted six baby birds in that nest. How they manage not to knock each other out onto the porch floor below is a mystery. Much less how the mama bird manages to get in that nest with them at night.
It is intresting watching her fly to and fro trying to keep all those babies fed. It is just about all she does during the day.
I'll bet she will be glad when they are out on their own.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mothers Day

I will warn you that I tend to wax nostalgic about stuff like this. I have fond memories of my children and grandchildren. They are tucked away into a special place in my heart. It is a place with memories that are as fresh as when they were brand new.
I can recall some of my most treasured moments. The way it feels when a baby snuggles up and drifts off to sleep, the contentedness of time seeming to stop while nursing. The joys of milestones reached. The first time they roll over, crawl and those first steps.........chubby baby arms reaching up for you, bright eyes and gummy smiles.
Sometimes it is hard to believe that all those things exist now only as memories, it seems like yesterday that I had my babies safe around me, and now they all have babies of their own. And they live so far away, my tender mothers heart is really missing them.
This will be a Mothers day like no other, the first one away from all my children. But the memory hole is full. Clumsy drawings with uneven printing, homemade heartfelt cards, hugs and kisses that smell of peanutbutter. All safely tucked away to be treasured but brought out to be enjoyed again.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Strange Thing

happened the other day when I was at Wal Mart. I had gone in to pick up a few things, the store was not overly busy, but I have a talent for finding the slowest check out. The line can be moving right along, I get into it and it slows down or stops completely.
So I was standing in my slow line, finally it was my turn to put my stuff up to be checked out. No hello, good afternoon, nothing......just a quick look at me and then my items, and the cashier began to scan my items. As I was waiting for the process to be over, I was putting the bags into the cart. The cashier gave me my total, I paid, then put a couple more bags in the cart. But I knew I had purchased more than what I had in the cart bagged up. So I went looking for the other bags. They were at the cashiers' feet, I looked at her strangely and asked for the rest of my bags. She said that those were left by another customer and I had all my purchases.
I know that I didn't have everything, and asked her again for the bags. She told me that if I didn't leave she would call a manager. I looked her square in the eye and said, go ahead and call a mamager, and the store manager had better be one of them. A mamager shortly showed up and asked what the problem was, the cashier repilede that I wouldn't leave. The manager asked me if there was a problem. I told her that I would be happy to leave if I could get the rest of the things I had paid for, and pointed to the bags at the cashiers feet. Then I requested the store manager again.
When he finally showed up, I handed him my recipt, and told him I didn't have all my purchases, once again pointing to the area around the cashiers feet. They began checking what I had in the cart against the recipt, and guess what? A lot of things were missing. So they moved on to the bags the cashier had put down by her feet. And there was the rest of my groceries.
I got profuse apologies from the management and the cashier was escorted to the back.

Are people getting so desperate that they are trying to steal in this fashion? It really makes me wonder.........

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Derby Day

We spent most of the day yesterday watching the sights and races via a local TV channel (who was providing coverage and commentary). There were thousands of people at Churchill Downs on a bright and sunny Saturday for the Run for the Roses. One of the traditions of race day is to dress up in your finest, and that MUST include a hat. Especially for the ladies. This hat thing is truly a big deal. Most of the hats are custom made, either by the wearer or a hat shop. They were very intresting to watch, but the outfits are secondary to the hat.
Needless to say the horses were definately things of beauty. It was captivating to watch them in the races, stretching out in long strides. It was easy to see that the horses were eager to run.
Today is, so far, overcast and gray. Such a contrast to yesterday. However it does bring a mental image, somewhat fitting I suppose, for the empty grounds of the track. Yesterday there was sunshine, blue skies and crowds of happy people. Today gray skies and only the echoes of the revelry and competition............

Thursday, May 04, 2006

For Lewlew

In the garden we have planted
sweet corn
green beans
pickling cucumbers
green onions
yellow onions
I also have a seperate herb garden that has basil, parsley, mints, oregano and cilantro.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that we have a good harvest and are able to preserve most of it for the winter.

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Garden

On a warm and breezy afternoon I was communing with nature. Striving to be a part of the bird song, the buzzing of the bees, and the gentle babble of the creek. I was becoming part of it all, becoming one with the soil in the garden..........ok so I was actually becoming more of a dirt ball....but it sounded so much better the other way.
However, I am happy to report that the garden has been planted. So now I will keep my fingers crossed that we have a good result and pray it doesn't get eaten off by a bunch of rabbits or deer.
Shortly after the garden was finished it began to rain. Then we had showers off and on all day Sunday. Hopefully that will give the garden a jump start, now we could use some sunshine, but showers are in the forecast again today. But we might get some sunshine in between.