Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Gardens Beginings

We have a good bit of area turned for a garden. Jeff2 made good use of the tractor and cultivator.
We learned from an old timer that this place used to have a great garden but it has lain unused for well over 10 years.
The space we chose for the garden surely does reflect that fact. However the soil is turning over fairly easily, now we just have to work out the clumps of grass and weeds.

We still have some other projects to do outside. There are bushes that need to be trimmed and some general clean up. Plus it would be nice to have some flowers and I want to start a rhubarb patch. And an herb garden. And get some fruit trees planted.
Then there is plenty of work to do in the house, shelves to build, more painting. But we are making progress.

Friday, March 24, 2006


I spent most of the day yesterday making curtains for the kitchen windows. They look great. In keeping with my fifties diner theme, they are large red and white check. I am really very pleased with the way they turned out. It sure makes the kitchen more homey than bare windows. I can hardly wait to get the new floor tiles down. It is going to look so good!
After all the complaining I did about painting, I am so glad that I did most of it myself. It really feels as if I have put a bit of myself into this room. It is what I had envisioned for this space in this house. It is just so exciting to see it coming together, and so very different from the dark, cold space that it was. Bright, cheery and a space you would want to spend time in.
Hopefully I will have an update on the flooring soon, then I will be posting before and after pics.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The battle of the bush

No not that bush.
The hugely over grown monstrosity trying to take over the yard. We hacked at it with a chain saw to try and work our way to its' interior. Once inside we found not one but two main root bundles.
Jeff2 finally had to go and bring the tractor with a scraper blade attachment into the yard. Even with this we were unable to dislodge the root bundles from the ground. So we will just build a fire around them and burn them out.
Then we had to haul all of the branches etc out into the pasture. I was begining to think I was never going to see the end of that bush.
As a side note, I couldn't believe my eyes when during my latest visit to home improvement store that people were taking cart loads of this same bush to plant at home. They could have had mine for free.
Then we got hit with another shot of winter so the out door projects are on hold again for the moment. But that is ok too, we still have to lay the new floor tiles in the kitchen and I have to make the curtains.
We did get a clothesline put up and I am looking forward to putting it to use.
But at least that bush is gone.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

More on V

I just read the very acid review of the movie V for Vendetta on World Net Daily. No I won't provide a link, if you are curious look it up.
Suffice it to say that the reviewers are looking at the world through Christian colored black glasses, but you have to look with better eyes than that. I think that if I viewed the world through those glasses I would off myself. What a sad way to live.
There are many things in this movie that are so very true, but the statists don't want to see them. Actually they refuse to see them and brandish their own brand of hate and fear to try and color your opinion.
One of the things that is presented in the movie is that "There is something terribly wrong with this country", a fact that no logical reasoning person could dispute. That is if they had enough guts to say it out loud. Or even allowed themselves the gift of an independent thought. However this would never occur to the go along to get along crowd.

Be different, go see it for yourself, draw your own conclusions. Just check your Christian colored glasses at the door and view it with an open mind, if you can.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

V for Vendetta

We saw this movie yesterday, and I thought it was great. All reviews to the contrary. But beware, if you still possess a brain cell that functions independently, this will get you to using said brain cell.
I also discovered something else. A lot of people live their lives out of fear. They do many of the things they do, out of fear. And I think that most of them don't even realise it.
They fear being different. They fear consequences, even when they are not sure just what those consequences may be. They fear asking questions, maybe because they fear the answers. They do what they are told by "authority figures" usually with out question. Even if they do muster enough courage to ask a question, they are satisfied with some contrite answer constructed to appease them, and they go their merry way.
There was one line from this movie that I thought was very intresting.
"People should not fear their governments, governments should fear their people."
That is so true. How many people living in this land of the free fear the government? Most of them. They are movtivated by fear of the consequences if they do not do as they are told, they fear losing what they have, they fear living their lives responsibly. They have been conditioned to respond to various stimuli like rats in a maze. Or a pavlovian dog.
If you have children, just think of what you are exposing them to without thinking. When they are born, they get a number that will mark them for the rest of their lives and follow them everywhere. You cannot function with out it. People used to live the whole of their lives with out this number, but not anymore.
Babies are pumped full of innoculations preserved with mercury, for their own good, so they don't have to suffer through diseases. But just what does all that mercury do to their little brains and bodies? Sure I have read that vaccines are made with out mercury preservatives, but do you really believe that? Why do you have to sign an informed consent form for them to get the shots? Have you ever taken the time to read this form, or have you just signed it after having some nurse or doctor tell you to? Just look at some of the evidence all around you. Just why is childhood autism on the rise? Humm, could it be a side effect of having a newborn body pumped full of poison, and regularly reinforced with booster shots?
Then when they are old enough children are placed in government indoctrination centers, err, I mean public schools. Suddenly, because they are kids even if they have survived the mercury poisioning, it is recommended that they get put on drugs. The teachers say it is because they are disruptive, the doctors say it is because of some alphabet syndrome. So it is recommended that they get drugged into compliance. Think about it, how many kids did you know when you were one, who were given drugs to control their behavior? None if you are as old as I am.
But just why is this happening? Fear. The kid will not be allowed to go to a daycare center or a public school ( or even a private school ) with out their number and their shots.
Maybe I really am getting old, but I remember a time when you couldn't use your SSN for ID. The card itself had that printed on it, the government itself said that this number would never be used for such a purpose. Just try to do much of anything these days without giving that number.
When you leave your house today think of just what you are carrying with you. Do you have your government sanctioned papers to prove who you are? Specifically do you have your drivers license and social security card? Are you getting into your properly licensed, registered, insured and inspected vehicle? Are you taking your properly numbered and vaccinated child to a properly licensed day care facility, or dropping them off at the government approved and funded "learning facility"? Have they had their approved dose of medication?
Tell me then that you live without fear.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Mother Nature is playing her slow changing seasons game. We have had some glorious warm weather and rain. As a result the world is begining to turn green. It gives me the urge to get out into the yard to do some pruning and general clean up. Then she gives us a shot of much cooler weather.
Well I still have some in door projects to finish, so maybe the return of cooler weather is not so bad after all. We still need to get the new floor installed in the kitchen, and I need to make the curtains. Last weeks battle of the abcessed tooth put me behind on those things.
Since we bought this place late last fall after all the plants had lost their leaves it is not easy to tell just what type of stuff I have growing in the yard. I can hardly wait until everything leafs out to give me more of a clue.
I do know that I have a huge bush of some type taking over the yard on the north side of the house. That thing is going to get severely cut back or taken out completely. The area that it covers is massive and it needs to be tamed.
I also want to get a clothes line put up. We get a beautiful breeze through this valley and I can see no logical reason the pay the electric company to dry my clothes when the breeze can do it for free. Plus the clothes smell so much better dried in the sun and the wind. Yes I know, I am old fashioned.

Monday, March 13, 2006


Sorry about the lack of posts last week. I was trying to see just how much pain I could take before losing my mind.
I had an abcessed tooth, and we all know how much fun they can be. I woke up one morning with one side of my face trying to do a basketball imitation. Or at least that's how it felt.
I finally got in to see a nurse practitioner. I guess she was surprised that I was actually still on my feet, after she looked in my mouth at the offending tooth. Just one of the benefits of being a tough old broad, I guess.
So she hooked me up with some antibiotics that looked like you needed to insert them somewhere, instead of swallowing them. And some pain pills. I had been taking enough ibuprophen to increase their stock price, with no relief. I had high hopes for the pain meds. It was as tiny as the antibiotics were huge. But at least it worked.
So anyway, I should be good to go, finally. I still have a bit of swelling and minor discomfort. After I finish off the antibiotics, I am going to have that damn tooth pulled.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Something a little different

I'll step out of my DIY world for a bit here....

If you have the time to read a longish short story, this one is well worth your time.
'And Then There Were None' by Eric Frank Russell
Just gives you something to think about. I hope you have time to read and enjoy it.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

More Painting?

Well, I think I am finally done painting in the kitchen. I have used gallons of primer and paint. I have almost turned myself into the tin man. And, for the moment, I am heartily sick of painting.

We have to finish re-hanging the cupboard doors today. Then a general clean up. A day or two (maybe) of rest, then we are going to lay the new floor tiles.

The material that was ordered for the curtains should be here by the end of the week, then I can start making the curtains.

But, at least the painting is done.