Sunday, May 07, 2006

Derby Day

We spent most of the day yesterday watching the sights and races via a local TV channel (who was providing coverage and commentary). There were thousands of people at Churchill Downs on a bright and sunny Saturday for the Run for the Roses. One of the traditions of race day is to dress up in your finest, and that MUST include a hat. Especially for the ladies. This hat thing is truly a big deal. Most of the hats are custom made, either by the wearer or a hat shop. They were very intresting to watch, but the outfits are secondary to the hat.
Needless to say the horses were definately things of beauty. It was captivating to watch them in the races, stretching out in long strides. It was easy to see that the horses were eager to run.
Today is, so far, overcast and gray. Such a contrast to yesterday. However it does bring a mental image, somewhat fitting I suppose, for the empty grounds of the track. Yesterday there was sunshine, blue skies and crowds of happy people. Today gray skies and only the echoes of the revelry and competition............

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