Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This stands for Tough Old Broads Association.

I have not posted here in a long time, and it is past time for me to do so. This site has evolved into a place for my alter-ego to say all those things that are normally left unspoken. Things that you want to say, but for the sake of peace and harmony you bite your tongue and don't say out loud. Well, I am damned tired of holding it all in. Of biting my tongue off. It is time to vent.
Oh where to start.........where to start.........there is no lack of material.

Just how do you know if you are a tough old broad? It really is quite simple. If you have survived- with your brain mostly intact-raising children, dealing with men, a job........sometimes just life, you qualify.

If you are tired of dealing with air headed bimbos with their expensive clothes, hair, make-up, lipo-suctioned, face-lifted, ass lifted and breast augmented bodies......useless as shit on a pump handle and dumb as a monkeys ass.....you are welcome here.

If you are tired of dealing with men. I really don't want to lump them all into one basic category, but let's face the facts here. I have yet to meet a single one who will be straight up with you. Who will not tell you what they think you want to hear. Who treats you like a person, an intelligent human being......you are welcome here.

Sarcasm has become my marching song. I just can't seem to get by with out it anymore. Sadly, most people don't even catch the fact that I am being sarcastic. It just flies right over their heads......too bad it can't drop shit on its way over.....................maybe that would get their attention.

Where has honesty, integrity. morals, common sense and common courtesy dissappeared to? What I have experienced is the fact that everyone is out for themselves, me first and fuck you if you happen to get in the way. I am worn out and tired of the bullshit. I am fed up with people who complain, whine, bitch and complain some more. but are totally unwilling to grow a spine and do what needs to be done. At that point you deserve the consequences of your own actions or in-actions. Period. You tolerate it, you send the message that it is ok. So shut up and deal already. Obviously things are not bad enough to walk away from.

I AM a tough old broad. Sometimes I am a tough old cast iron bitch. Mostly I am just tired of people not having enough of a back bone to be just be honest.

More to come..............

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